12. October 2017.

Lisinski cycle at the Governor's palace

Papandopulo quartet - Four saxophonist, graduates of the Music Academy in class of D. Sremac: N. Fabijanić, G. Tudor, G. Jurkovic and T. Žužak. Perfected their skills in Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna. Their concert in the Lisinski cycle at the Governor's palace will be held on Oct 26th at 8PM.
6. September 2017.

Lisinski in Ivan Zajc's Rijeka: New Concert Cycle at Governor's Palace!

Thanks to the support of the cities of Rijeka and Zagreb, Lisinski Hall will put on a concert cycle outside of Zagreb for the first time in its history. It will provide priceless experience to music fans, guaranteed by the brilliant Zagreb Soloists, Papandopulo Quartet, Aljoša Jurinić and Petrit Çeku!