4. July 2017.

The Oakland Chorale European Tour

They will sing in the Atrium of the Klovic Court Gallery, in Zagreb.
Many of the students in the Chorale plan to be professional singers, and the upcoming tour will offer invaluable experiences of European culture and the performance standards of the places where so much great music was created. Future educators in the group will draw on these experiences to enrich lessons for their students.
The Chorale will also take tours of each location, learn about the culture of the cities they visit, and the students will have time to explore on their own. Chorale member Caitlyn Bramble is particularly enthusiastic about this aspect of the tour. “What I'm most excited for is the opportunity to stay with host families in Zagreb,” she said. “I think that the best way to experience another culture or location is by spending time with the people who live it every day, and I can't wait to learn more about Zagreb and all it has to offer.”

At all the other stops on the tour the students are staying in hotels, and Zagreb is also the only city where they’re performing with another choir. They will sing one piece with a choir that Professor Mitchell is affiliated with in Zagreb.

“The students are incredibly excited to share their music with audiences in Europe,” said Professor Mitchell. “They have worked diligently all year to raise the funds and prepare the music for this trip. I’m excited for them, and I believe the trip will change their lives.”
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