5. June 2017.

National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia Lado and Sląsk will perform at Lisinski Hall

LADO is often called a "Dancing Museum" because of priceless and beautiful authentic national costumes (more than 1,200 costumes) some of which are 100 years old.
Ensemble LADO is more than just a dance ensemble. Although dance concerts are the primary focus of LADO's repertoire, singing and musical concerts by the ensemble as well as singing performances by the Ladarice, i.e. female members of the ensemble, LADO Vocalists, i.e. male members of the ensemble and performances by the LADO Orchestra are also often presented “Ladarice” are the female part of the ensemble. Their specific clear voices are most suited for songs from continental areas of Croatia.
"LADO Vocalists" are LADO's male performers. Their repertoire mostly consists of liturgical folk songs, as well as klapa singing which is characteristic for the southern areas of Croatia. The LADO Orchestra is an integral element of the ensemble’s performances. They accompany the dancers/singers during concerts and stage independent shows as well.
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