28. September 2017.

Magic Musical for all generations!

After last year's sold out concert in Lisinski and success in America, the young and talented Mia Negovetić returns to Lisinski on November 18th, 2017.

Magic Musical is a bilingual musical for the whole family, representing Mia Negovetić in her first theatre play. By singing a memorable refrain in the original songs by Olja Dešić, children can learn many words and phrases for the most diverse situations, while beautiful scenography and costumes of Nisa Hrvatin completely immerse them into a musical.

In this entertaining show, which is spoken and sung in Croatian and English, we are looking for hidden objects and traces of a magic wand that was lost somewhere by the Wizard (David Petrovic). By losing the wand, the Wizard has lost all his powers. Mia Negovetić is in the role of Little Giant who meets the Wizard and helps him in the search. The wizard once accidentally cast a spell on Little Sister (Anamaria Brižan) and thus reduced her to the size of an ant. In this diminished-enlarged world, we follow her thoughts, problems and songs. Her friends are the ants: Travko (Natasa Tepša) and Mravko (our youngest actress, seven-year-old Lorena Vulić). The Wizard and the Little Giant do not see the ants and Little Sister, so many comic situations emerge.

The children also perform the dance choreographies by Martina Hrlić Rogić and with the assistance of the animator Nina Perić Dešić. We believe that the best way to learn English is by playing. And of course, singing! The musical was created by Studio Maraton, which has just completed two successful and sold out seasons for musical Sušak, Sušak and Linquae School of Foreign Languages.

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