28. September 2017.

Magic Musical for all generations!

Magic Musical is a musical for the whole family, performed in two languages, featuring Mia Negovetić in her first theatrical role. Linguistic topics are dealt with through a warm story and musical magic.
While singing along to the easy-to-memorize choruses of original songs written by Olja Dešić and directed by David Petrović, children will learn many words, phrases and situations. The beautiful set and costumes designed by Nisa Hrvatin Petrović will completely enchant you.
Music will be performed live by the Young Musicians Orchestra (Orkestar mladih glazbenika - OMG) from Zagreb. It will be conducted by composer Olja Dešić, who will be assisted by young conductor Maro Rica.
I was very happy when I was offered a role in the Magic Musical. Rehearsals are excellent, there is a lot of fun, laughter, the music and choreography are excellent and it is all going great. I am really glad to be part of this project, because it is a new experience for me. I have always wanted to combine acting, dancing and singing, and I can have all that here. And the team is also super! The point of this show is that a foreign language, in this case English, opens many doors. It’s cool that the show is performed in two languages, because kids will memorize some words, they will learn something... It will all be great fun. I am looking forward to it and I think that I will have positive stage fright before the premiere. - Mia Negovetić said in a recent interview for the Glas Istre daily newspaper.
In this fun show, actors speak and sing in Croatian and English, looking for hidden objects and various clues to find the wand that the Wizard (David Petrović) has lost somewhere. When he lost the wand, the Wizard also lost all his powers. Mia Negovetić plays the Little Giant, who meets the Wizard and helps him in this adventure. The Wizard accidentally cast a spell on his Little Sister (Anamaria Brižan) and shrunk her to the size of an ant. In that shrunken-augmented world, she has her thoughts, problems and songs. Her friends are ants Travko (Nataša Tepša) and Mravko (the youngest actress, eight-year old Lorena Vulić). The Wizard and Little Giant cannot see the ants and the Little Sister, which brings about various funny situations.

The ensemble is working hard preparing the show in the hall of the Neboder Hotel in Rijeka and rehearsing the dance choreographies created by Martina Hrlić Rogić. Besides the actors and singers, they will also be performed by children - members of the Flame dance group with the assistance of assistant animator Nina Perić Dešić.
Let us remind you, Magic Musical is a Maraton Studio’s production developed with the Lingua Foreign Language School. The Studio has just completed two successful and sold-out seasons of the Sušak, Sušak musical.  

The premiere will take place at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall on 18 November 2017, at 19:30.
Tickets are sold at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall ticket office or online at For more information, follow us on our official Facebook page and at