26. September 2017.

Gheorghe Zamfir at Lisinski Hall - Most Honest Emotions of Top Artist

Both tears and laughter in the same evening. A lot of emotions welled up from great artist Gheorghe Zamfir, king of the pan flute, at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall.
Numerous high officials, as well as the usual concert audience, interested in the impressive work of the world-renowned artist, attended the festive concert, held on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Romania's accession to the EU and the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between the Republic of Romania and the Republic of Croatia.
The instrument, which has many imperfections, is quite raw and difficult to play more demanding pieces on. Besides having popularized it, Zamfir broadens its possibilities and turns all its shortcomings into virtues.
The evening began with film music. The atmosphere of famous hits, the themes from Charlie Chaplin’s Limelight and The Lonely Shepherd from the film Kill Bill: Volume 1, was created in an unusual way.  Unlike on the transverse flute, one cannot softly slide between tones on the pan flute, but the warmth and softness of its sound create a new dimension.
A harmonious collective shared the stage with the great artist: Cezar Cazanoi (flute), Anatol Cazanoi (cimbalom), Iulian Cazanoi (violin), Adrian Sirbu (violin) and Oleg Lascu (double bass). This interesting combination of instruments connects the traditional character of folk music with the sound of modern time. It functions best in traditional Romanian suites, and they played quite a few of them at the concert.
Despite their zestful dance character, the most impressive moment of the evening was the performance of his own piece Doina de jale, a dirge, which left no one indifferent. The artist spoke with his instrument, he passionately told a moving story, each detail of which he watched and lived the whole time. Without concealing or downplaying the experience, he let the audience relive the most painful story of his life with him.
However, the evening did get a brighter ending with traditional Romanian suites, which the audience welcomed with an applause and rewarded with a standing ovation at the end.
There are few artists that can open their heart so honestly and let the audience look into the deepest parts of their soul. Because that is life, with beautiful and painful moments. Moments of laughter and dance, but also tears and pain. Music is with us in all those moments and Gheorghe Zamfir tells them masterfully on the pan flute.