24. May 2017.

Gheorghe Zamfir also known as King of Pan Flute is coming to Lisinski Hall

He will perform on 25th on September 2017. Tickets will go on sale soon.
Gheorghe Zamfir is a Romanian artist, musician and virtuoso of the pan flute, nicknamed the King of Pan flute.
He sold over hundreds of million of records, all over the world, and he has over 185 recorded albums, a record that has not been touched by any Romanian artist so far. It is the only European Artist who won two golden discs in the USA, and the only Romanian artist who won a gold disc in Hungary.
In 1972, he collaborated for the soundtrack of the Great Blond with Black Shoes, of the French producer Ives Robert, and then for movies like: Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975), in Australia, Brâncuşi and the Moldavian Monasteries (1975), Once upon a time in America (1984), Karate Kid (1984). In Venezuela, the movie Ciao Cristina used as a main theme a composition of the musician Gheorghe Zamfir. In 1978, he composed the music for the movie The Curse of the Earth, the Curse of Love, directed by Mircea Mureşan, based on the novel Ion, by Liviu Rebreanu, (he won the 1st prize for composition). In 1996, he recorded the music for the Macedonian movie The Lake. In 2004, the interpretation of the song The lonely shepherd is included in the movie Kill Bill.
In 2015 performed seven times, with André Rieu on stage in Bucharest's Constitution Square, in front of 84,000 spectators. The concert series continued with another seven performances in Maastricht, Netherlands and will be resumed at Bucharest in the summer of 2016.