27. September 2017.

And After All There Will Be Song - Zvonko Bogdan and 21 Tamburitzans in Traditional Concert

Rumour has it that you are cheating on me, that someone else is kissing you, because I am a poor guy...
Traditionally in December, Zagreb and Lisinski Hall host Zvonko Bogdan, a tamburitza and urban traditional music legend from Vojvodina.
From classic covers of Hungarian romances to authored songs with images of traditional Vojvodinian farms and playful dark horses, imbued with melancholy sounds - he has immortalized some of the most beautiful traditional ballads bearing testimony to a time long gone.
Accompanied by 21 tamburitzans from the town of Subotica and the Vojvodina Radio and Television Big Tamburitza Orchestra, he gives concerts once a year. It is his wish, so that he doesn’t get forgotten but also so that it wouldn’t be too much...
Vojvodino moja (My Vojvodina), Ova pisma refren nema (This Song Does Not Have a Chorus), Prošle su mnoge ljubavi (Many Loves Have Passed)are some of the new songs that you can enjoy in the winter night with tamburitzans. And timeless hits, such as Ej salaši na sjeveru Bačke (Hey You Farms in the North of Bačka), Kraj jezera (By the Lake), Govori se da me varaš (Rumour Has It that You Are Cheating on Me), Već odavno spremam svog mrkova (I Have Been Preparing My Horse for a Long Time), Osam tamburaša s Petrovaradina (Eight Tamburitzans from Petrovaradin) will evoke the atmosphere of the Pannonian planes, the Danube, the old farms in Bačka, carriages from the streets of Sombor and the silent Petrovaradin nights.