September 2017.
Sunday at 8:00 p.m.
Main hall


Sunday U 20:00
Main hall
Organizer: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall
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The project, which received funding from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland, is designed to promote Polish culture abroad through a series of joint workshops with foreign partners including a planned concerts tour in Slovakia, Hungary and in Croatia in September 2017. The main objective is to implement a multifaceted project promoting Polish culture abroad. All foreign partners attending the project represent a similar activity profile to “Śląsk” Ensemble: The National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia “Lado” from Zagreb, Croatia; The Hungarian Heritage House and Hungarian State Folk Ensemble from Budapest, Hungary; The Slovak State Traditional Dance Company “Sluk” from Bratislava, Slovakia.
Each of the Ensemble presents culture, which is the carrier of their national identity. Workshops conducted with project partners are foreseen to begin in November 2016 proceeding the planned Southern European tour. Workshops, joint meetings and final concerts are intended to bring closer cultural institutions, expand the network of contacts, as well as confront with and draw on creatively the concepts and ideas of artists and educators of “Śląsk” as well as project partners. The aim of the week long vocal and dance workshop is to mutually get acquainted with a national dance and singing of project partners, techniques and methods of teaching, as well as sources of inspiration and its creative process. All project activities scheduled for Budapest, Zagreb and Bratislava are conceptually based on the theme ‘Helokanie’, but also draw from partners artistic program resources such as Croatian ‘Ojkanie’ or national dances, in which common and distinctive features are going to be traced for and analysed. The outcome of the workshops will be ready for viewing in autumn 2017 during Ensemble „Slask” “Hello, hello Folks!” tour.