December 2018.
Saturday at 8:00 p.m.
Main hall


Saturday U 20:00
Main hall
Organizer: Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall
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Over one million tickets sold in more than fifty countries - PIAF! THE SHOW - a music celebration of the life and music of the legendary French singer Edith Piaf is coming to Lisinski Hall.
The show directed by theatrical giant Gil Marsalla and starring Anne Carrere, a young French artist called “Edith Piaf's only legitimate musical heiress”, is coming to Zagreb on 15 December.
The show that premiered in 2015 was inspired by the award-winning film La Vie En Rose. In two 45-minute acts, the show narrates the story of the Parisian diva's life through her unforgettable songs, with a special set and video projections of previously unreleased photographs of famous locations in the world's most romantic city from Edith Piaf era.
“I have been working in show business for a long time, on and off stage, and travelling around the world for 25 years. But to this day, Anne Carrere has remained my greatest artistic discovery. She is a diamond bursting with natural talent.” - Gil Marsalla, also a big fan of Edith Piaf's work, said about the leading lady of the show. Extremely charismatic and talented, Anne Carrere started building her music career in her early teen years. Besides voice, she also studied acting and dance; she is proficient in various styles, including modern jazz music.
The most famous performance of Piaf! The Show was the triumphal performance at Carnegie Hall at the beginning of 2017, marking the 60th anniversary of Edith Piaf's performance at that venue in 1957. Over four hundred performances are already scheduled in Europe, Asia, the USA, China, Japan and other parts of the world.