March 2018.
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Change your emotions before they change you!

Most people think that emotions overwhelm us on their own, but the truth is that we intentionally chose every emotion we have ever had in our lives, including the negative ones.
But now, an amazing explanation is coming from the author of the “Conversations with God” book series about how to use the experience of one’s emotions as an intention, rather than as a reaction.
This is a unique opportunity for you to get thought this powerful process which will change your life forever by Neale Donald Walsch, the author whose words strongly influence individuals and the world.

Nowadays, when we need spiritual stronghold more than ever, Walsch teaches us in a simple, comprehensible, and above all applicable way how to live spiritual, fulfilled, and happy lives even in materialistic world.
Neale Donald Walsch is the author of numerous books about practical spirituality, including the “Conversations with God” book series, which sold millions of copies all over the world.
His books are translated in 37 languages, while seven of them were on The New York Times best seller list.
STANDARD: 127€ (965 KN)
PLATINUM: 227€ (1725 KN)
  • seats in the front of the hall,
  • book When everything changes, change everything,
  • free access to Walsch’s online seminar till 18.04.2018,
  • gift package from a sponsor.
VIP: 555€   (4218 KN)
  • VIP seats in the hall closest to Mr. Walsch,
  • book When everything changes, change everything
signed by the author,
  • free access to Walsch’s online seminar till 18.04.2018,
  • LUNCH with Mr. Neale Donald Walsch, accompanied with conversation and possibility to ask Mr. Walsch questions,
  • taking pictures with Mr. Walsch,
  • rich gift package.
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