October 2017.
Monday at 7:30 p.m.
Main hall


Monday U 19:30
Main hall
Organizer: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall
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The musical „Patients“ is presented to the public by an experienced and creative team. The libretto is written by Miro Gavran, music by Tonči Huljić, lyrics by Vjekoslava Huljić, directed by Igor Barberić, dramaturgy by Igor Weidlich and music direction by Filip Gjud. The premiere of the musical was October 4th, 2016.

Doctor Lovro is the principle of a private insane… psychiatric clinic. And he knows how to cure patients with music. Valentina is a musician who left the brutal world of show business and fled to a deserted island. But, Valentina's former unscrupulous manager Robert, a man who cannot tolerate jazz, has some other plans. He and doctor Lovro are concocting a crazily profitable business agreement.  They will trick Valentina into coming back from the island to work with patients from Lovro's clinic to promote a new method of treatment. But Robert has some plans that he will not share with Lovro and his former assistant Emma will help him with this.

Valentina, known for her humanitarian soul, comes from the island and starts working with patients, a colourful society made up of - alcoholic Iva, narcoleptic psychopath Toni and fame- hungry mother  Neda and son Igor. The goal is to heal them with the quartet „Healed“, through which they will sing away their mental problems. And through all that work with the patients,  a spark is lit between Lovro and Valentina, the spark that will make Lovro regret ever getting involved in his business agreement with Robert. While the patients are safely preparing for their performances, Lovro learns that Robert decided to create a reality show about them and has hidden cameras throughout the clinic. If the public finds out about this, Lovro will lose his medical licence, but if Valentina finds out Lovro will lose the love of his life. What will he do?