October 2017.
Saturday at 8:00 p.m.
Main hall


Saturday U 20:00
Main hall
Organizer: STUDIO LIVE D.O.O.
120 kn
140 kn
160 kn
190 kn
120.00 kn
140.00 kn
160.00 kn
190.00 kn

The original cast of Audition, the cult play from Sarajevo, once again on-stage!

Audition began as a part of the class at Sarajevo Academy of Performing Arts in December 1984. It premiered at the Open Scene Obala (The Shore) and was later performed 150 times. In 1986. their manager Rako Đokić organised a grand Yugoslavian tour with more than hundred performances. Lines at the ticket booths in Sarajevo in Belgrade were a few hundred feet long. The play holds many records: it was sold out 33 times in 11 days at the Lisinski Hall in Zagreb, a record which no-one managed to break to the day. Over 120 000 tickets were sold in Belgrade, 70 000 in Zagreb and countless tickets were sold in Sarajevo! More than two and a half million people saw the play.

At their 25th anniversary in 2009 all the original cast members reappeared for two more plays at Obala (The Shore) in Sarajevo. More than 150 000 reservations were recieved and Obala has only 150 seats. Today, 33 years after the first show, cast of Audition gathers once again!