November 2017.
Monday at 8:00 p.m.
Main hall


Monday U 20:00
Main hall
Organizer: Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall
320 kn
370 kn
420 kn
500 kn
320.00 kn
370.00 kn
420.00 kn
500.00 kn

The Russians are coming!

The renowned Alexandrov Ensemble is an official army choir of the Russian armed forces. Founded during the Soviet era, the ensemble consists of a male choir, an orchestra, and a dance ensemble.
Considered to be a symbol of Russian culture, the ensemble consists of 120 singers, dancers and musicians who perform traditional Russian, ethnic, military and patriotic songs and Russian dances.

Assembly with more than 80 years of experience includes world-class singers, musicians, dancers and artists who perform at the most important events at the Russian government functions. The Ensemble has entertained audiences both in Russia and throughout the world, performing a range of music including folk tunes, hymns, operatic arias and popular music.